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Is it worth moving to Idaho?

Offering desert landscapes, mountains, and lush forests, Idaho is a treasure trove for adventure lovers and nature enthusiasts. And it doesn't hurt that the state offers great economic opportunities as well.

Idaho has the 12th-highest homeownership rate in the nation according to the latest Census data because residents simply love it. It was also ranked by SmartAsset as one of the Best States for the Middle Class and for Homeowners. Among western states, Idaho has the cheapest cost of living, and it also has one of the highest college graduation rates in the county - almost 85%! If you’re ready to leave busy big city life behind and enjoy the great outdoors, Idaho is the place to go.

Why are Californians Moving to Idaho

Outdoor Idaho

Why is Everyone Moving to Idaho?

About Idaho

Idaho Demographics1

• Population: 1,754,208

• Median Income: $53,089

• Median Home Value: $270,963

• Average Market Rent: $1,130

• Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents): Violent - 2.27%, Property - 14.61%, Total - 16.88%

Top Ten Most Expensive Idaho Cities1

1: Ketchum

2: Dalton Gardens

3: Star

4: Hailey

5: Bellevue

6: Eagle

7: Island Park

8: Sun Valley

9: Victor

10: Athol

Top Ten Highest Appreciating Idaho Cities Since 20001

1: Harrison

2: Island Park

3: Spirit Lake

4: Athol

5: Murtaugh

6: Marsing

7: Boise

8: Dover

9: Dalton Gardens

10: Coeur d'Alene

Top Ten Rising Income Idaho Cities (last 5 years)1

1: Garden City

2: Hauser

3: McCammon

4: Fairfield

5: Bonners Ferry

6: New Meadows

7: Grand View

8: American Falls

9: Harrison

10: Gooding

Top Ten Safest Idaho Cities1

1: Murtaugh

2: Island Park

3: Arco

4: Ririe

5: Roberts

6: Cottonwood

7: Malta

8: Hazelton

9: Melba

10: Hollister

Top Ten Best School Systems In Idaho1

1: Dalton Gardens

2: McCall

3: Eagle

4: Troy

5: Star

6: Moscow

7: Hayden

8: Genesee

9: Murtaugh

10: Meridian

What is Idaho Known For?

• Potatoes2

• Star Garnet Gemstones2

• Supplies the Majority of the Nation's Trout2

• State Horse: Appaloosa2

• Hells Canyon: Deepest River Gorge in North America2

• Split into 2 Time Zones2

• Snake & Columbia Rivers2

• Idaho Potato Bowl3

• 130 naturally hot springs3

• State Fruit: Huckleberries3

Famous People From Idaho4

• Aaron Paul

• Sarah Palin

• Peter Cetera

• Ezra Pound

• Sacagawea

• Lana Turner

• Scout Willis

• Bowe Bergdahl

• Picabo Street

• Jon Huntsman, Sr.

Popular Cities in Idaho1



Coeur d'Alene

Idaho Falls





Post Falls

Twin Falls



Coeur d'Alene

Idaho Falls





Post Falls

Twin Falls

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Californians are leaving the state at a rapid pace... and going to Idaho?

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